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Pokemon dress-up Pokemon dress-up

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


There are MANY things wrong with this game. You didn't draw the characters. You just scribbled some badly drawn clothing items and used the fill tool to change their colour. There's no shading on the clothes. There are only a few clothing items, pallet swaps don't count.

Let's just take one shining example of how bad this dressup is. Misty. Her shirt is a blocky blob of yellow. Her shorts have a button but no zip. Her shirt-hold-things are straight lines. She looks half her age.

Meet'N'Fuck: Lesbian Ride Meet'N'Fuck: Lesbian Ride

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Anatomy Issues

Before you make another of these, I want you to consider: not all girls have huge breasts, big hips, and small waists.

There are loads of body types you could pick:

Cute - B-cup, and her hips are as thin as her waist, with big eyes

Pretty - C-cup at least and thin, but still with enough meat on her bones to look HEALTHY. (See next, Healthy body type)

Healthy - Between C and B cup, and meat on her bones whether it be fat or muscle, but not too much, or you make her look fat or like a man. This also gives her a thin look with only slightly bigger hips than her waist. (My favourite.)

Hot - C to D cup, and still a little meat on her bones so she doesn't seem like a dieting vegan, because believe me, a vegan on a diet... doesn't look good. A little thinner than healthy.

Sexy - It is really hard to do this one right. Waist thin, hips big, breasts huge, and ultra-mega-skinny. Only one layer of meat on her, only creating curves, and this girl will often lack love handles but get held on to anyway. Normally D to DD cup, and trust me, she looks like a vegetarian on a diet. (Not a vegan. That would be disturbing.) The ways to do this right are to make this girl completely unique, no other girl with her figure, in the game.

Also, I would like to note the Sheriff's and Stripper's breasts are too big for their bodies.

What I like about this game is the stripper's hair and face... I dunno. I always had a thing for cute girls in pigtails. I tend to look at her face instead of her breasts, because as mentioned before, cute + DD don't go and they're too big for her body.

I also like Linda, the clerk - because her breasts aren't too big for her body... at first. The size changed as the sex went along, which I think, is a little too much Squick for me.

In short if it was TL;DR:

Not all girls have the Most Common Super Power.

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